this is the day

19 06 2007

Une fine couche de sucre et un coeur tout chocolat au lait! Bien sûr! The song for the current M&Ms commercial (The The: This is the Day) sounds so French with that accordion. I love it!

When I was in Paris, while riding the métro, there was a guy going train to train playing the accordion. (This seemed to be a very normal occurrence.) It was the most stereotypical French sounding music… it was awesome. Thanks to him, I was hearing it live in Paris, not in some introduction to an instructional French language video. Due to my fear of interaction with strangers in unfamiliar environments, I didn’t give him any money. I still feel bad about it. I don’t think anyone on our train gave him money. He looked discouraged but that must happen often… I saw him once more before leaving Paris as he stepped off a different train.





One response

20 06 2007
Michael T

I really like your blog so far. Please keep writing. I apologize in advance for the disappointment you will feel when you realize it is just me commenting and not some random interweb type visitor.

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