Burgos to Bilbao

27 06 2007

I leave for Burgos, Spain on Sunday. I’ll be there for five weeks, studying medieval Spanish art and architecture and learning to speak Spanish. The program itself seems wonderful- it was actually the requirement of producing your own art to accompany each written assignment that sold me on the art history class! Burgos is only about an hour away from Bilbao. I wasn’t too concerned with visiting the Guggenheim there, I’m not sure why… perhaps because I have received frighteningly few details of the trip and I am more concerned with whether or not I am expected to bring my own towels. However, yesterday I checked out its website and it is suddenly a priority! Even though I am not certain of the career paths I will choose to pursue, I know the museum is so interesting because it houses everything I love… clever design, art (especially modern and contemporary) and undoubtedly amazing architecture.




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28 06 2007

some unsolicited advice: bring a crappy towel that you can toss if it’s unneccessary but is usable in the meantime. and they sell towels in spain, right? 😀

28 06 2007

Good thought. As far as getting a towel in Spain, I don’t even know where I could go since the only transportation I am aware of right now is my own two feet and it is a pretty small city. In France, the big stores for things like that were far away for some reason. Not super far, I mean, if I had to I probably could have figured out how to get there by bus… but I also had a decent enough knowledge of French! I don’t know Spanish, I guess that makes me a little nervous too about getting around. 🙂 ¿dónde están las toallas?

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