4 07 2007

airplane above spain

I made it, I’m in Spain. The flight already seems like it was a long time ago but it was just Sunday/Monday. It is Wednesday. Being in a foreign country makes me lose any concept of time I might have. Burgos is wonderful so far. It is weird not knowing much Spanish at all… today in class we had to list all of the Spanish words we knew, so I did. Then we had to total it. I had 20, and when she asked how many I had to say “twenty” and not “veinte” because the word for twenty was not one of the twenty I knew.

Also, at meals, when they ask what kind of yogurt I want (rather than just giving me a random one which they also sometimes do) I’ve been saying “piña” because it is the only fruit I know! It’s ok though, I don’t mind pineapple. They have some funky yogurt flavors here! With lunch they gave me one that was orange and chocolate! Yum! It’s like I’m at home eating Platter’s orange chocolate only I’m in Spain and it’s in yogurt…

I’ve been having some interesting computer troubles and I only have access to photos from one camera (I brought two with me). So although we went to the Burgos Cathedral today, here’s a totally unrelated photo of a Spanish couple in one of the many lovely parks in Burgos.

park in burgos




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5 07 2007

it’s so great to be able to hear how things are going. i know it can feel boring to write about what you ate for lunch and other daily things, but for those of us on the other side, it’s fascinating! so please keep it up… 😀

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