ease your feet in the sea

9 07 2007

san sebastian 088

Took a bus on Saturday to San Sebastian, up on the northern coast of Spain and very close to France. The weather wasn’t ideal but for that reason, I think I enjoyed it more. There was no one around. The mist of rain in the air reminded me of Niagara Falls. Finding a place to stay was nearly impossible, I learned really fast what “completo” means. A group of five of us went but only two stayed back in San Sebastian, the others went on to Pamplona for the running of the bulls. I like animals and dislike crowds too much to be around anything like that. Everyone has their own definition of “fun,” mine would probably be trying to hug a cow rather than teasing it and running from it. Eventually a hotel was found, we got their last room, small yet still out of our ideal price range. It looked like a setting appropriate for a French nouvelle vague movie of the 1960’s and I mean that in the best way possible. Jenny and I went out for dinner at a little Middle Eastern place where we pleasantly changed the server’s perception of Americans and then visited the beach.

san sebastian 029




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