extra onduladas!

9 07 2007

Here in Spain, I have encountered some strange yet interesting flavors of chips:


So of course, like any other normal person, I have to try them. Jamon! Ham flavored chips?! Indeed, they taste like ham… which is so strange when you think about it, a ham flavored fried potato slice… The other ones, york’eso, are like a croque monsieur… I think the Spanish name for that is just “york.” I think the best thing I have eaten here so far is gazpacho. Even though it came from the cafeteria of the residencia which is not exactly famous for its quality food, it was still really good.




2 responses

12 07 2007
aunt rosemary

good morning my little spanish sunshine! did you find any bison french onion chip dip for your chips?

11 10 2007

They are called York’eso because they are York Ham and Cheese flavour, hence the York and ‘eso (Queso is Spanish for cheese).

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