Curatorial Banter

19 10 2012

Not what I would have expected– or is it? If I learned anything from art school it’s that no matter what anyone says or purports themselves to be, the art club in which they are a member is not all-access.

Sometimes it’s easier than others to accept that I need not exist in their (or any) framework, only build my own work (i.e. me) and worry about framing it later. Maybe it can’t be framed/contained at all.

At least they noticed I colored my hair, even if i may or may not have a name. Nice save.


Virtual and Physical Space

21 09 2012




19 03 2012


The first time I have picked up a piece of charcoal in years. There’s my creativity dose for today, or at least part of it.

the decor of chloë sevigny

31 07 2007

One of the links over there to the side is design*sponge, a great blog for the design-minded. A recent post on there was the interior space of actress Chloë Sevigny’s home. It was interesting so I clicked on the link to view more… and saw this!


chloe... and morrissey?!?

new slang

30 07 2007

I started a strange list of things to do or make when I get home. It began with food but is now turning into other activities and will soon become vague ideas such as “walk more.”

1. Eat some good rice. 2. Make some good deviled eggs (good as in, sin atún.) 3. Play racquetball. 4. Listen to the Shins.

I just added that last one after hearing “New Slang.” It has been a long time since I’ve heard the Shins. Fall 2004, to be exact.

bilbao guggenheim bilbao; i can only assume this is by jeff koons. bilbao, bilbao, park bilbao, fountain in the mirror, i have a siamese twin.

I uploaded a few more photos from Bilbao and plan to upload a few more in the near future. I took a total of 468 photos on Friday, about 400 in Bilbao and then the rest back in Burgos since it was the first time I was out in the city when it was dark; it is never dark any earlier than 10:30pm. I uploaded a few of those as well and would love to take more night photos if I get a chance to before we leave. Only 5 more days and so much more studying to do!

As for Bilbao, I loved it and should probably just let the photos speak for themselves. I will note, however, that to me, the most appealing aspect was that it was a place that did not seem afraid of creativity, likely because of the revival the city encountered after the addition of the Guggenheim museum. The Guggenheim’s external artworks also feel like a part of the city, not just the museum. (I was the nerd that introduced the group to “Puppy” by Jeff Koons and actually knew to look around and find “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois.) One of the photos I have waiting to be resized and uploaded is of the Zubizuri bridge, a pedestrian bridge down the river from the Guggenheim and one of the examples that I feel is representative of this somewhat avant-garde attitude the city possesses. Something that certainly needs further analysis but is nonetheless interesting. Medieval cities like Burgos are great; Bilbao was unique.

arch of santa maria

paper writing

29 07 2007


I finally went to Bilbao on Friday, two days ago, and it quickly became my new favorite city. Nevermind what my old favorite city was… because I don’t know. However, before I can elaborate on the trip, I must write a paper about the piece seen above from the Museo de Burgos, seen below.

museo de burgos


8 07 2007

spanish kitty in madrid

I feel like this cat’s expression accurately portrays my feelings about Madrid. It wasn’t bad, we went to two museums, the Prado and the Reina Sofia, both interesting in different ways but I wasn’t crazy about the city. It almost seemed similar to a large American city, just from my first impressions anyway. The leader of this study abroad trip is very knowledgeable about Picasso’s painting Guernica so we visited that first at the Reina Sofia after a guided tour of the Prado from a very colorful tour guide. I think the reason that the program director feels so strongly about the painting is because it displays the raw emotions of the tragic event with more clarity than even a photograph can provide… this is not the art that is meant to be beautiful, it is the art that is made to be meaningful.