24 07 2007


I volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Erie County and am a big sister to a sweet 11-year old girl in Buffalo. I’ve been thinking about what I could possibly bring back for her from Spain as a souvenir that she would be sure to love. It was a candy store in Salamanca that first gave me the idea. Spanish candy, of course! To first try them out for myself to see if they were any good, I bought the candy above, lacasitos. They seem like a Spanish version of M&Ms. I recalled a time when I was younger when my aunt went to Montreal and brought back Smarties for my sister and I, only they weren’t Smarties as we know and love them in the US, they were chocolate! I remember thinking at the time that they were the coolest thing ever. Inspired by both the cute candy store and my aunt, I’m going to see if Spanish candy has the same effect on my little sister that Canadian candy had on me when I was younger.



this is the day

19 06 2007

Une fine couche de sucre et un coeur tout chocolat au lait! Bien sûr! The song for the current M&Ms commercial (The The: This is the Day) sounds so French with that accordion. I love it!

When I was in Paris, while riding the métro, there was a guy going train to train playing the accordion. (This seemed to be a very normal occurrence.) It was the most stereotypical French sounding music… it was awesome. Thanks to him, I was hearing it live in Paris, not in some introduction to an instructional French language video. Due to my fear of interaction with strangers in unfamiliar environments, I didn’t give him any money. I still feel bad about it. I don’t think anyone on our train gave him money. He looked discouraged but that must happen often… I saw him once more before leaving Paris as he stepped off a different train.