Just can’t get enough:

19 05 2012


Biking to work, greeting strangers, sunshine & warmth, cold fizzy kombucha with ginger, Josh Homme projects, thoughts, dreams, restlessness.



8 07 2007

spanish kitty in madrid

I feel like this cat’s expression accurately portrays my feelings about Madrid. It wasn’t bad, we went to two museums, the Prado and the Reina Sofia, both interesting in different ways but I wasn’t crazy about the city. It almost seemed similar to a large American city, just from my first impressions anyway. The leader of this study abroad trip is very knowledgeable about Picasso’s painting Guernica so we visited that first at the Reina Sofia after a guided tour of the Prado from a very colorful tour guide. I think the reason that the program director feels so strongly about the painting is because it displays the raw emotions of the tragic event with more clarity than even a photograph can provide… this is not the art that is meant to be beautiful, it is the art that is made to be meaningful.