10 04 2012

J’ai quitté.



Update: Moments after posting, this led me to google “J’ai quitté” because I thought I recalled a song featuring that as a line… not quite what I found, but it did lead me to this blog entry, which I think I mostly agree with although my grasp of the French language is nowhere near where I would like it to be. I found the phrase “Facebook, temple de l’espionnage banalisé” amusing, accurate, and awesome sounding in French. Tres bien!

The next day (yesterday) I wrote out a birthday card in French and sent it, complete with a stamp from the (does animation count?) Parisian-set film “Ratatouille.”

“Pourquoi?” tu dits… mais je repondre “pourquoi pas?!”


let it go

27 03 2012


the most wonderful furry creature I know.

24 07 2007


I had a long conversation with a fellow study abroad student today at lunch. We discussed various topics and somewhere in there, there was talk of my cat. For so many reasons, I love Fuzzy. How badly I miss him!

the state i am in

12 07 2007


I am intrigued by the people that participate in a study abroad program. There seems to be a disproportionately large amount of smokers, which makes sense to me, since those would be risk-takers. People also tend to be either outgoing or easygoing. Fairly adaptable. They become comfortable with others quickly and make friends with locals or fellow students or both. Some travel with someone they already know, those ones don’t have to reach out and connect with the rest of the group. There are loners but they cannot be true ones because then they wouldn’t have come to a foreign country with a group! So, the question is, since I am a quiet observer, easygoing but someone who it takes awhile to get to know or appreciate, acquaintances with everyone yet nobody’s friend, content with little comforts like my favorite music yet feeling awkward around the others and occasionally uninvited… where do I fit in?