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28 06 2007

I wanted to listen to music while getting dressed but I wasn’t really sure what I was in the mood for, so scrolling through I stopped on Belle & Sebastian. Turned out to be a good decision… sometimes certain music just seems so right, if that makes sense. Like listening to Broken Social Scene the other night… not a good band to mix with others on shuffle, but to listen to an entire album of theirs is so amazing. Actually, I listened to two albums. Mike got me the sandisk sansa express, which I’d been wanting for awhile now. I loaded a bunch of Broken Social Scene on there and listened for a few hours before finally falling asleep…

Speaking of musicians starting with “b,” although I don’t listen to her much, I have a better appreciation for Björk after seeing a Nan Goldin slideshow last summer at the Pompidou and hearing her voice to accompany it. I read a review of that particular body of work, “Heart beat,” that didn’t seem to have many good things to say about it but the reviewer was also comparing it to her previous work. Not having seen all of the earlier work, just selected photographs and certainly lacking the slide show effect, I thought it was quite impressive. Reviews are lame. People need to form their own opinions. Isn’t that one of the more remarkable things about art- that someone can’t decide for everyone else whether or not the work is good? There are no objective views because it always has the potential to jog memories and create different meanings for each individual viewer?


this is the day

19 06 2007

Une fine couche de sucre et un coeur tout chocolat au lait! Bien sûr! The song for the current M&Ms commercial (The The: This is the Day) sounds so French with that accordion. I love it!

When I was in Paris, while riding the métro, there was a guy going train to train playing the accordion. (This seemed to be a very normal occurrence.) It was the most stereotypical French sounding music… it was awesome. Thanks to him, I was hearing it live in Paris, not in some introduction to an instructional French language video. Due to my fear of interaction with strangers in unfamiliar environments, I didn’t give him any money. I still feel bad about it. I don’t think anyone on our train gave him money. He looked discouraged but that must happen often… I saw him once more before leaving Paris as he stepped off a different train.