Curatorial Banter

19 10 2012

Not what I would have expected– or is it? If I learned anything from art school it’s that no matter what anyone says or purports themselves to be, the art club in which they are a member is not all-access.

Sometimes it’s easier than others to accept that I need not exist in their (or any) framework, only build my own work (i.e. me) and worry about framing it later. Maybe it can’t be framed/contained at all.

At least they noticed I colored my hair, even if i may or may not have a name. Nice save.


Just can’t get enough:

19 05 2012


Biking to work, greeting strangers, sunshine & warmth, cold fizzy kombucha with ginger, Josh Homme projects, thoughts, dreams, restlessness.

coffee beans!

20 06 2007

The chocolate covered coffee beans I purchased at Wegmans last night will keep me energized today, for sure. I have to save some for tomorrow as well, since I am scheduled to be in at work at 7am! My default attentiveness and commitment to accuracy seem to have earned me a special spot doing inventory.

More exciting than that though, is this: I found a page of internships at the Met in NY, which would be cool, I’m sure, but I am more into contemporary art. I was already thinking I’d do an internship at the Albright-Knox next summer, after I graduate. What if I combined an internship in contemporary art with an internship in NY?

“Full-time, twelve-month internships with stipends are offered for recent college graduates interested in pursuing a museum career whose academic and/or professional experience combines art history with one or more of the following areas: arts administration, museum studies, arts management, development, studio art or related studies. The focused departmental training is integrated with the fall, spring and summer lecture series and complemented with financial provisions for the interns to attend a national conference of their choice. At the end of the internship, interns may seek career planning and job placement counseling from the Internship Coordinators and the Department of Human Resources. Twelve-month internships provide training in specific museum fields through close work with a professional staff member; familiarity with modern and contemporary art through seminars and discussions; an educational program that exposes interns to the workings of the Museum as a whole and considers the role of museums in the broader cultural context. Twelve-month interns will also be given the opportunity to develop and regularly deliver public gallery talks about the Museum’s permanent collection.

Length 12 months beginning in mid-September
Required commitment Full-time (Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.)
Eligibility Recent graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs
Stipend Awarded based on available funding ($21,000) plus standard health benefits, two weeks paid vacation, and additional $1,000 to cover travel expenses and registration fees for one approved professional conference”

MoMA, summer 2006

I’d be so excited if I got this! It covers so many aspects of the field and looks like it would be an AMAZING experience. I am sure it is hard to get, but I have a little bit of confidence now that I am starting to look pretty good on paper… BFA in visual studies, studio practice and a BA in art history… will graduate at least cum laude… two art-related study abroad experiences… mortar board… people like those things, right?