19 05 2012

And something I think about in the near hour-long bike ride to work, with my iPhone zipped up and inaccessible in my backpack. I don’t wear a watch so I’m not checking the time. Instead I am watching the world the world around me and accepting the fact that I may be a few minutes late to work:

“More than objective effects on productivity and stress, though, I just find it really sad to see people miss out on life because they “had” to check their phone. It’s sad seeing strollers full of wide-eyed babies who are absolutely amazed at everything they’re seeing – that bushy squirrel tail flashing across the powerline overhead, the cat sunning itself on the sidewalk, a garbage can left out from garbage day, a bush, a cloud, a man on a recumbent bike, a leaf fluttering down from treetops – pushed by moms and dads with their eyes glued to their 3.5 inch screens, totally oblivious to the sensory explosions going on in their offspring but completely up-to-date on whether or not someone “liked” their most recent status update. “Ooh, red notification!” At least take a photo of the kid or something, sheesh.”

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/why-were-missing-out-on-real-life/#ixzz1vJWXzAnE


the song that followed me

17 05 2012

Weeks or maybe even months ago, this song began following me around for a little while. I knew I knew it, but I couldn’t figure out who the artist was… until a serendipitous moment when Pandora brought it back to me last night. I never would have guessed it. Here it is:

Everything is a pattern

23 04 2012


Like the motif I spent the weekend painting on the wall, like the cycle of the fruit tree from which I am currently eating an orange, like the comets that come around earth once every 160 years, like it inevitably snows in April in Buffalo, like I’ll get up and go to work again tomorrow just like i did today, like the dread of picking up someone at the airport for the fear of the emergence of a pattern of secret baggage.

Now that I’ve learned that my pickup services are not required, I am not sure whether to feel better or worse. Perhaps it’s my mood and the weather trying to reach some sort of (wet, cold, slushy, grey) equilibrium.

Ultimately, does it matter? Patterns repeat but their frequency cannot be established until multiple points on a line start to show up. Maybe it’s once every 160 years and I won’t be here the next time around. Maybe it’s something already there that I can feel but cannot see.

5-second story

22 04 2012

Today at work, a customer, a man, asked about my ring tattoo. I gave him the story in a friendly way and he responded by touching it. Not just a touch, but repeatedly slowly rubbing his finger over it, as if giving a finger massage. Was it to feel its permanence, as I suggested was its significance, its presence as an object (as if the skin there should have been raised like a ring), or seeing if it would rub off instead–even if just a little (nothing is ever truly permanent)?

Going up?

16 04 2012


A three-mile ride including carrying bike up stairs and over two pedestrian bridges to cross thruway, 1.5 mile walk (each way!) to hour of yoga class + kitchen marathon cooking day= deenie-athalon of a day off. Win!



14 04 2012

Starting again on Monday! Yeah!


image by Dana Zemack, via jezebel.com


12 04 2012

Like reading Steal Like an Artist, something I couldn’t help myself but to think a resounding “YES!” after every few lines.


If life gives you themes at random times, I think the best idea is to probably go along with them.

My theme right now is clearly food. It has been creeping up for awhile, a bit at a time in little manifestations of creative baking bursts or exploration into unknown foods but today, it suddenly hit like a brick.

I woke up, skimmed NYT headlines as usual and found myself reading an article about eggs (not a very flattering one, either. I made an egg for breakfast anyhow.) then as I open netflix to search for something as it was on my mind, I see as a new recommendation a group of TED talks all about food. I watched the first one, Jamie Oliver discussing school lunches and preventable disease, during breakfast, and the one above, Mark Bittman, during my lunch at work. I left my office to make some tea when I saw that the new issue of Artvoice had been delivered to the shipping area… with this show on the cover, going on now at Burchfield-Penney Art Center: Edible Complex.

OK universe, I get the message. I read the article that corresponded with the cover story and saw that this is going on tomorrow, conveniently across the street and half an hour after my work day ends. Looks like I’d better go.