Just can’t get enough:

19 05 2012


Biking to work, greeting strangers, sunshine & warmth, cold fizzy kombucha with ginger, Josh Homme projects, thoughts, dreams, restlessness.



28 03 2012

I need to remember this.



19 06 2007

my room.

I can’t seem to leave the house anymore… I have a lot to do, but none of it seems too important, just a lot of little things. A lot of little things that can be done later?

18 06 2007

S T R A Dusty N G E

“strange logic” as used in the name of this blog is derived from a Morrissey song. But it hadn’t occurred to me right away that other people may make a different association when hearing such a phrase. example: “What is strange logic? Why is it strange, and where does it come from? Am I using strange logic right now, by asking this?!”

No, I don’t think anyone will really be asking these things… I did, however, do a google search for strange logic, just to see what would come up. One of the search results was a “strange logic” quiz.  I did rather well on it.

But anyway, this is fun… spell with flickr!