Curatorial Banter

19 10 2012

Not what I would have expected– or is it? If I learned anything from art school it’s that no matter what anyone says or purports themselves to be, the art club in which they are a member is not all-access.

Sometimes it’s easier than others to accept that I need not exist in their (or any) framework, only build my own work (i.e. me) and worry about framing it later. Maybe it can’t be framed/contained at all.

At least they noticed I colored my hair, even if i may or may not have a name. Nice save.


Virtual and Physical Space

21 09 2012



Plant analogies

20 09 2012

I’d like to turn them into logic proofs, you know, if p then q kind of thing. Brancusi said, in referring to working under Rodin, “Nothing grows under a large tree.”

Then comes along, “bloom where you are planted.” p does not equal q.



19 09 2012

Need bigger goals. Then I need to achieve them. Maybe I just need a hug.

Notes to self:

17 07 2012

Found a whole bunch of other memories instead of what I was looking for

8 06 2012

Found a whole bunch of other memories instead of what I was looking for

So I took a few with me and left, driving by your old house and looking up at your old bedroom windows on my way home.

Just can’t get enough:

19 05 2012


Biking to work, greeting strangers, sunshine & warmth, cold fizzy kombucha with ginger, Josh Homme projects, thoughts, dreams, restlessness.