new slang

30 07 2007

I started a strange list of things to do or make when I get home. It began with food but is now turning into other activities and will soon become vague ideas such as “walk more.”

1. Eat some good rice. 2. Make some good deviled eggs (good as in, sin atún.) 3. Play racquetball. 4. Listen to the Shins.

I just added that last one after hearing “New Slang.” It has been a long time since I’ve heard the Shins. Fall 2004, to be exact.

bilbao guggenheim bilbao; i can only assume this is by jeff koons. bilbao, bilbao, park bilbao, fountain in the mirror, i have a siamese twin.

I uploaded a few more photos from Bilbao and plan to upload a few more in the near future. I took a total of 468 photos on Friday, about 400 in Bilbao and then the rest back in Burgos since it was the first time I was out in the city when it was dark; it is never dark any earlier than 10:30pm. I uploaded a few of those as well and would love to take more night photos if I get a chance to before we leave. Only 5 more days and so much more studying to do!

As for Bilbao, I loved it and should probably just let the photos speak for themselves. I will note, however, that to me, the most appealing aspect was that it was a place that did not seem afraid of creativity, likely because of the revival the city encountered after the addition of the Guggenheim museum. The Guggenheim’s external artworks also feel like a part of the city, not just the museum. (I was the nerd that introduced the group to “Puppy” by Jeff Koons and actually knew to look around and find “Maman” by Louise Bourgeois.) One of the photos I have waiting to be resized and uploaded is of the Zubizuri bridge, a pedestrian bridge down the river from the Guggenheim and one of the examples that I feel is representative of this somewhat avant-garde attitude the city possesses. Something that certainly needs further analysis but is nonetheless interesting. Medieval cities like Burgos are great; Bilbao was unique.

arch of santa maria


paper writing

29 07 2007


I finally went to Bilbao on Friday, two days ago, and it quickly became my new favorite city. Nevermind what my old favorite city was… because I don’t know. However, before I can elaborate on the trip, I must write a paper about the piece seen above from the Museo de Burgos, seen below.

museo de burgos

the most wonderful furry creature I know.

24 07 2007


I had a long conversation with a fellow study abroad student today at lunch. We discussed various topics and somewhere in there, there was talk of my cat. For so many reasons, I love Fuzzy. How badly I miss him!

simple things

19 07 2007


Spanish Chinese food. Or maybe it is Chinese Spanish food. Either way, we ate there the other night. Not bad and certainly interesting. I finished writing out my postcards there and finally sent them out.

In general, I like to take time to observe things when I am doing something, even if it is a trip to the supermarket, or here in Spain, the supermercado. I finally went there by myself for the first time yesterday and had to chance to stroll up and down every aisle. I like noticing both the subtle and not-so-subtle differences in products, prices, presentation, et cetera. It may seem silly but I find it interesting to treat unexpected places as if they were museums.  There is a lot out there to be learned.

Yesterday we visited las Huelgas monastery, I don’t really have photos of it because photography is forbidden at almost all museums and tourist places here, it seems. I did get one good photo before they told us that it was forbidden though.  monastery


16 07 2007

So I’m in Spain, and what have I been doing with my free time lately?  Watching Futurama.  Not a great idea, I know, but it is something that cheers me up.


14 07 2007

Picture 323

I think it is nearing that point in the trip where I miss little things about home. I still love it here but traveling in a group has its pros and cons; lately the cons are more prevalent. However, these classes are intense so the plan is to immerse myself in my work and make the most of it. It is called a study abroad program, after all, not “socialize abroad.” I take comfort in little things such as the nectarines I bought today at the mercado or hearing a certain song or being able to peacefully fall asleep. From what I’ve heard of my early years, I was a “self-soother,” it seems that that habit remains. Also, I wrote my cat a postcard today and I intend to send it out with the ones going to the rest of the family.

the state i am in

12 07 2007


I am intrigued by the people that participate in a study abroad program. There seems to be a disproportionately large amount of smokers, which makes sense to me, since those would be risk-takers. People also tend to be either outgoing or easygoing. Fairly adaptable. They become comfortable with others quickly and make friends with locals or fellow students or both. Some travel with someone they already know, those ones don’t have to reach out and connect with the rest of the group. There are loners but they cannot be true ones because then they wouldn’t have come to a foreign country with a group! So, the question is, since I am a quiet observer, easygoing but someone who it takes awhile to get to know or appreciate, acquaintances with everyone yet nobody’s friend, content with little comforts like my favorite music yet feeling awkward around the others and occasionally uninvited… where do I fit in?